The weather in San Francisco is unique, to say the least. If you have ever visited, you might be surprised to find how the climates can change from neighborhood to neighborhood within the city. Sometimes as much as from one city block to the next. We call them microclimates, and they add to the natural beauty of the city. Living in San Francisco, CA is like being on a boat. It's always a little breezy, cool, sometimes wet or foggy, but can also be sunny at any given moment. Dress accordingly. Always bring a beanie, and a light jacket. All in all, this climate actually makes for excellent kitesurfing conditions, and for beginners learning how to kitesurf.

"Living in San Francisco is like being on a boat. It's always a little breezy, cool, sometimes wet or foggy, but can also be sunny at any given moment."


Check out Ocean Beach real-time waves and conditions at Kelly's Cove below on the live beach cam in San Francisco. The camera views the beach breaks near the north end of OB. This beach cam is a great tool to see the conditions such as wind, waves, tides, and other weather indicators before you head out. Pay close attention to the birds and white caps for visual signs of wind speed and direction.


Just like the climates, there are many types of winds in and around San Francisco. Some popular spots for kitesurfing include Crissy Field, near SFO airport, Alemeda, south Bay, and most importantly, Ocean Beach. This webpage focuses on the wind, waves, and weather conditions along Ocean Beach, a 3.5-mile long stretch of beach on the west edge of the City and peninsula of San Francisco. Scroll down to view the charts and graphs below for real-time readings at Ocean Beach, as well as forecasts and historical wind readings by season.

Current Wind Speed in San Francisco, CA

The below graph shows the current wind at the two-ends of Ocean Beach, near Fort Funston (southside) and Kelly's Cove (northside). We find Fort Funston to be the most reliable station for live wind readings at OB for south winds (winds coming from the south). Check the following chart on the north end of Ocean Beach (Kelly's Cove) for the most accurate readings when the wind is coming out of the north. These charts gives us the best intel into what's happening right now. The charts show the wind direction, speed, average (blue), and gust (red), over the past 6-hours. It is the most helpful for knowing what has been happening at the beach, and a near-term view into the trajectory of the wind conditions.

12-hour Wind Forecast in San Francisco, CA

While the above graph shows the past few hours of actual wind, this graph represents the predicted wind speed, gust, and direction at Ocean Beach for the next 12-hours. It also shows the associated weather, such as sky (sunny, cloudy, mixture, etc.), air temperature, and wave height / direction. This graph is very informative when planning for later today and tomorrow to know how the wind and weather will change. We find this paramount to check before heading out, so that you know what is projected/expected to come while you are kitesurfing. Be prepared for weather changes to ensure safety.

5-day Wind Forecast for San Francisco, CA

This long-term graph shows the wind prediction for the next 5-days at Fort Funston. We use this view to plan our next several days, in order to optimize which days we should anticipate quality kitesurfing conditions. For example, perhaps you see some good south or north winds coming later in the week. You can look at the duration they are expected to continue, from what direction, associated related weather (rain or not), as well as related wave heights and periods. This is all very useful information in most accurately planning your kitesurfing sessions, and work/life.

Monthly / Seasonal Wind Forecast for San Francisco, CA

Check out this view for the seasonal, month-to-month wind readings for Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA. Thinking of planning a trip to San Francisco, and want to do some kitesurfing while you are here? View this graph to see which months are best for kitesurfing in the ocean. Clearly, the winter months stand out when it comes to the amount of days that have >25 mph winds. Additionally, summer months also get lots of moderate wind speeds at the beach (>15 mph), and be mindful that other SF locations such as Crissy Field see some great spring, summer, and fall winds.


Ocean Beach has world-class waves. They are sizable and at significant periods. Ever heard of Mavericks? Yep, that is just down the coast from San Francisco. NorCal touts big waves. They are not for the weak of heart. Check out the forecast below to see the routinely 5-star conditions here at Ocean Beach. Whether you are surfing, or kitesurfing, we look forward to seeing you on the water.

7-day Waves Forecast for Ocean Beach

See below for the 7-day wave forecast at Ocean Beach. This chart helps you get a sense for what is coming down the pipeline, as well as today's conditions. It is helpful to compare the wind forecasts and waves to understand how they are affecting one another. Pay close attention to the height, direction, and period and related winds. Certain combinations make for more fun than others. Contact us if you want our recommendation on which day to head out.

Ocean Beach Surf Report and Forecast

Visual Waves Forecast for Ocean Beach

This visual map of the waves conditions at Ocean Beach and along the coast provides another view on the topic. We tend to be more visual at SF Kitesurf, so seeing how the waves are hitting the coast, and what is driving them is helpful to understand the larger dynamics at play. If you are going surfing, the tides are also very important to know. When are they peaking, ebbing, flowing, etc. Click on the map to get a more in depth read on the waves.

California, North Surf Report and Forecast


Lastly, and sometime most importantly, these charts show the current atmospeheric weather conditions along the California coast. It is important to know what type of wind and waves are being driven. Is it frontal-driven, pressure-related, etc. Be sure to take a look if there are any storms approaching that could creat unsafe conditions such as sudden increase in wind, rain, or lightning. This is critical to check before heading out to your kitesurfing session so you have a mental picture of what approaching from over the horizon.


Thank you for checking out our compilation of weather charts, graphs, figures and more! We hope you find this information helpful in planning your watersports activities in San Francisco. If you would like to learn more, or have recommendations for improvements, please give us a shout and let us know your thoughts. Our goal is to help you kitesurf safely, and in the appropriate conditions, in order to maximize your enjoyment along our beautiful coastlines.


Looking for more information? Look no further than our variety of articles in our kitesurf tips & tricks page. We will be adding more content about various aspects of the weather, wind, and kitesurfing conditions in the coming months. Check back often!

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