#1 Kitesurfing Destination in the World, San Francisco

#1 Kitesurfing Destination in the World, San Francisco, CA

Learn why San Francisco, California is the best destination in the world for kitesurfing

June 10th, 2020

San Francisco is well known for many things. Silicon Valley, food, Alcatraz, windy roads, steep neighborhood streets, etc. SF has something for everyone. The city has transformed itself again and again. From agriculture, to gold rush, to industry, to hippy, to technology, to whatever is next. However, most don't know it's a world-class kitesurfing destination to boot.

Yes, you read that right. SF has year-round kitesurfing conditions for all levels of riding. Although, if you're a more advanced rider you will get more out of the locations. For example, Ocean Beach runs parallel with the city for several miles. On a windy day you might count 30, 40, or 50 kites along the oceanside beach highway. We fully expect in the coming years to see upwards of 100+ kites lining the shore. Maybe even by the time you're reading this, it's happening right now!

Oceanside Kitesurfing in San Francisco, CA

5 miles of kitesurf coastline in San Francisco

Miles of downwind kitesurfing frontier line the heart of Silicon Valley. On the western border of the city of SF, there's several miles of kitesurf friendly beaches. You can drive up and down the coast to check it out for yourself. You might not believe it if no one (us) told you it's there. Just look at the glory. Check out our 36 views of kitesurfing in San Francisco to see it from all angles.

5 Miles of Sandy beach along SF coastline



100m of sandy beaches easy for launching / rigging kites

Top Kite Surfing Destination, San Francisco


Learning to kitesurf in San Francisco

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36 Views of Kitesurfing in San Francisco, CA

36 Views of Kitesurfing in San Francisco, CA