7 Best Kitesurfing Movies of All Time

7 Best Kitesurfing Movies 🎥 of All Time

Watch the best kitesurfing movies that we've pulled together that depicts the raw, roots of the sport, with professionals pushing the limits

April 21st, 2020

Over the short history of kitesurfing, there has been incredible advancement in riding ability and safety systems. Generations of riders are now on the water, who've learned on all types of gear. However, sometimes looking back to the roots of the sports, like music, gives you an appreciation for the forefathers, and how the sport has progressed. Whether you're an established pro, or a first-time beginner seeking answers to commonly asked kitesurfing questions, we have a treat for you with this video collection 🎥.

The original influencers stand the test of time, due to the environment and circumstances from which they were forged. Think of Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and The Beatles as an analogy. These greats pushed the boundaries and established the foundation for others to follow in their footsteps. Their creativity and style still stands unprecedented in modern times. These are the types of kitesurfing videos we've selected to showcase in the 7-Best kitesurfing movies of all time. The early beginnings of the sport had unrivaled rawness and style that is hard to find anymore. Enjoy 🙂.

1. Autofocus - A Film About Kiteboarding

Our #1 video of all time is Autofocus made by Elliot Leboe at ACL Productions, which showcases unrivaled wakestyle riding by top professionals of the early days of wakestyle kitesurfing. Andre Phillip, Mauricio Abreu, Bertrand Fleury, Moe Goold, Jason Slezak, Jason Stone, and Stav Niarchos throw down on sliders, kickers, and waves showing how boots and bindings are to be ridden.

Keep an eye on the classic c-kites their flying, and almost always unhooked. This video highlights amazing style, power, and control by the riders in/on a variety of locations and features. Interested in owning the video? We thought you'd might after watching this killer kitesurf cinema. Thankfully, y ou can still purchase the Autofocus DVD from Air Padre Kiteboarding 😜.

2. Upwind - History of the Launch of Kitesurfing

Everyone interested in kitesurfing at one point or another needs to learn about the early beginning and history of sport 🎬. Thankfully, there is a video for that. Upwind made our top video list because it lays out the complete history of the first pioneers of kitesurfing. Bill and Cory Roeseler, Pete Cabrinha, Robbie Naish, Lou Wainman, Joe Kuehle, Marcus "Flash" Austin, Buster and Chris Tronolone, Adam Koch, Jim "Bones" McManus, and many more.

Watch this film to see the most original kites, shapes, bars, boards, skis, and wacky styles of the 90s. These guys and girls invented the sport of kitesurfing, and we owe it to them. Many of them went on to start the brands we all know and love today, Wainman Hawaii, Cabrinha Kites, Naish Kites, etc. True hackers of their time.

3. Awake / High / Lou Wainman Style

Kitesurfing films Awake and High are some of the very first videos of the sport. While we remember them dearly for their hardcore riding on two-line kites of the early years, it seems like they can be hard to find online these days 😢.

Thankfully, our research shows that you can still buy Awake on VHS on Amazon, if you still have one of those 📼 tape players lying around, and are interested 😂. So, since we can't find Awake or High online from Tronolone Productions, we pulled this clip from similar timeframe and riders... Check out Lou Wainman in the video above. The reason Lou is on our list, is that Lou Wainman is the King of kiteboarding. He has influenced armies of today's riders to push their limits. Professional riders these dats are still trying to thrown down the same tricks he was making look easy on super powerful 2-lines kites of yesteryear. We continue to be impressed by his original style and power, even by today's standards 👏.

4. BWS and Ben Wilson Kitesurfing Collection

Why don't modern day kitesurfers unhook? Maybe kites have gotten to easy to stay hooked in. Maybe they're afraid of power. Maybe they don't know how to tune their kites properly anymore. We don't understand. But we do know is Ben Wilson and his crew are the best in the business when it comes to kitesurfing in waves, and unhooking.

This Ben Wilson collection video makes our all time list because they unhook in waves 👍. They kitesurf like they normally surf. They know the value of tuning their kite to fly correctly, without stalling or overpowering. Check out their waves slashes, monstrous airs, and tube riding behind a kite in this flick. If you're more interested in this wave kiting style, we recommend you to BWS Kites for wave kiting. Enjoy the movie!

5. TDZ (The Dredge Zone) Crew

Wow! The TDZ crew absolutely kills it in the waves 🚀. You gotta see these guys rip. Jumping, slashing, surfing, and more. What impresses us most, is they're able to jump higher on strapless surfboards than most people can do when attached to they're boards. The TDZ crew rides fast and loud. Check out their backrolls, board grabs, and inverted carves in this short clip

There's more where this came from. This is just one video in a series of Pacific coast shredding. Click through the TDZ video collection on vimeo to watch more. Their videos seem to have stopped a few years back though 😞. So if you ever see them, or ARE them reading this, then please start again. Or comment below to give us an update. You guys rock. 🤘

6. Ten4 - Classic Kitesurfing from 2003 about New School Tricks

The crashes. Oh the crashes. This is the reason Ten4 is on our top 7 video list. We've done you the favor of starting the clip at the beginning of the most epic fail montage compilation. Again, the early years showcased in this video. You just don't see full power blowouts like you do in this classis film. Kite loops, handle passes, and big boosts all gone wrong. We commend these kitesurf OGs for their tenacity in the face of danger.

There are many other good scenes in this video, but again the true differentiator is the tea-bagging. We're glad to see many of these riders were able to kite another day. Comment below if you've seen something better in terms of 🚧 crash compilations!

7. Space Monkeys 1 or 2, Unhooked 1 & 2, Next... You?

We won't lie. It's hard to pick the last greatest movie of all time. There were quite a few runner ups, and honorable mentions on our list. Space Monkeys, Space Monkeys 2, Unhooked, Unhooked 2, and Next were all close to our hearts and choice. And that isn't even some of the modern ones we know are pushing the boundaries! We'd love to hear your recommendations as to the 7th greatest video of all time 🙌.

Comment below to let us know what video we should add here on the list. Perhaps its your own video, or one of your favorites not seen above. We'd love to showcase your thoughts and recommendations in our list. Consider this an ongoing portal to the best kitesurfing videos. We'd like to keep adding to our list. Thanks for taking a look 🙏.

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