3 Ways to Use Your Company Wellness Benefit to Kitesurf

3 Ways to Use Your Company Wellness Benefits to Kitesurf 🙌

Be creative in how you use your corporate wellness program incentives to get outdoors to learn how kitesurf

June 15th, 2020

Many company's, from start-up to tech giants, in the SF Bay Area offer wellness benefits for their employees. You may be one of these valuable employees. Well, there's only a handful of places you can apply these wellness health incentives. Gyms, classes, yoga, and other classic outlets are usually the go-to. However, you may be wondering, how do I get outside? How can I learn a fun new outside activity? You've come to the right place! 🙌

Use your company health benefit program incentives to learn the sport of kitesurfing in San Francisco, CA. We've compiled 3 creative ways you can apply your program dollars. All of these pathways lead to learn how to kitesurf. We've broken down the 3 opportunities below for enthusiasts seeking to gain more exposure to the outdoors, beaches, sun, wind, and kitesurfing 😍. Read on to take action now, or pre-purchase your plan for future usage.

1. Take Kitesurfing Lessons with Corporate Wellness Benefit

Kitesurfing requires safety and instruction to get the basics. The sport is mostly about learning to fly the kite. Check out our list of 21 commonly asked questions, if you'd like answers to basic aspects of the sport. Here at SF Kitesurf we teach kitesurfing lessons. We start with an introductory lesson, which you can book your kitesurf lesson appointment online. After that, we move on ton intermediate kitesurfing lessons to learn how to control the board, and more advanced kite maneuvers.

book a kitesurfing lesson

2. Buy Practice Kitesurfing Kite with Company Wellness Benefit

Our second recommendation for using your company's health and wellness benefit to your advantage is to purchase a practice kitesurfing kite. Kitesurfing is 80% learning how to fly the kite well. This requires hands on practice to establish muscle memory and the mental model for how the kite control and power works. Use the purchase button below to checkout our kites for sale in our online store. This is something you can try on your own when it's windy at the beach, park, or other open locations.

Buy practice kite

3. Purchase Kitesurfing Gift Card with Company Benefit Program

Our third long-term opportunity to take advantage of your wellness program benefit is to purchase a gift card for future kitesurf lessons. You might not have the time this week, but you'd like to lock in your lessons for the future. No better way to do that than purchase a gift card to be redeemable in upcoming months or seasons. Secure your future kitesurfing lessons while you have a company wellness benefit to leverage. Your future self will be so thankful.

Buy a gift card

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