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We're excited that you are starting your adventure kitesurfing in San Francisco, California! Consider SF Kitesurf your guide on how to kitesurf in the city, whether you are just beginning or are an advanced rider. Keep scrolling for more information and ideas on how to take advantage of the excellent conditions San Fran has to offer. SF Kitesurf now offers the ability for you to purchase practice kites, instantly book your first kitesurfing lesson, or purchase a kitesurfing gift card for others to use with our business. This is your first step towards a thrilling new sport / challenge in the Bay Area.

To make taking kitesurfing lessons even easier, we now accept all forms of digital and crypto kitesurf payment methods. We proudly accept Venmo, PayPal, Square Cash, and cryptocurrencies 😜 (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc.).


SF Kitesurf Pracitce Kite

The first and easiest step to learn kitesurfing is to purchase a practice kitesurfing kite. Kitesurfing is 80% learning how to fly the kite. Getting familiar with the basics of wind window, power generation, launching, landing, and steering can all be learned on small kites. These skills translate directly to large kites. Therefore, we recommend that you begin by with practicing on a small kite, which you can do safely on your own on the beach, large grassy fields, or other open areas. If you already know how to fly a 2-line kite, or are pressed for time, then move onto the next section about taking kitesurfing lessons.

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San Francisco is an excellent location to learn how to kitesurf. Whether you live here year-round or are visiting for vacation, work, conferences, company partnerships, or other, now is the time to start learning the sport you have always wanted to try. SF Kitesurf offers introductory and beginner kitesurfing lessons to get you started on your journey to becoming a kitesurfer. We make it easy for you to schedule an appointment online, pick a day, and get started in very little time. Click the 'Book a kitesurfing sesson' button below to view available time slots to learn how to kitesurf. If you have some questions in the meantime, contact us to begin a conversation.

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Know someone who has been thinking or talking about getting into the sport of kitesurfing? Perhaps they've mentioned it a few times, but don't know where to begin. SF Kitesurf offers an easy way to get them started in the sport of their dreams. You can purchase an SF Kitesurf gift card for your friend or family. The gift card can be instantly used towards lessons, equipment, and SF Kitesurf experiences without need to lock in the specifics at this very moment. These gift cards make great birthday, holiday, or surprise presents for those who you think would be interested in pursuing the sport. For a limited time, use promotional code "NEWKITER" to save $20 on your purchase. This will be a gift and experience they thank you for years to come. They appreciate you already ;).

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Are you coming to San Francisco for a conference, work event, or vacation? You can kitesurf in epic downwind conditions along the beautiful Northern California coastline while you are here. The owners and operators of SF Kitesurf want to ride downwind with you, during your trip to the city. Contact SF Kitesurf today, and we can provide all the tips and knowledge about wind, beaches, waves, take-off and take-out spots. We are happy to share this information with advanced riders looking to get a taste of the Pacific!

"The owners and operators of SF Kitesurf want to ride downwind with you, during your trip to the city."

Also, let us know if you need to rent gear, find local rides, or need a place to stay. You might be here for a few days, or a few weeks, and we can tailor our recommendations to your situation, based on our experience. Let us be your guide to kitesurfing in SF, so you can enjoy some time on the water in our 5-star conditions.


Looking for something interesting to do with your fellow employees for team-building or outdoor activities? SF Kitesurf now offers corporate group lessons to give everyone the experience of kitesurfing. Women and men of all ages, sizes, strength, and physical ability can excel in the sport of kitesurfing. We are here to provide your corporate group with a fun, easy to learn, outdoor experience. No need to have previous experience. All we ask is a willingness to get outside and fly a kite. SF Kitesurf will provide the instruction, equipment, and be a guide for your offsite activity. Contact us today to discuss more about the size, timing, and other logistics of your planning.

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Starting this year, we will be creating online courses to learn how to kitesurf. These will cover the basics of kitesurfing from weather patterns, wind window, safety, gear breakdown, methods, and more. Our goal is to allow more people to learn about the sport in a safe and comprehensive way, so that when they are on the beach and in the water can be best prepared to take advantage of the situation at hand. This will allow new kiters to review ideas, strategies, and hone skills during downtime in between sessions, at their convenience. Stay tuned as we build out this curriculum in online video tutorials that you can watch to advance your skills.


San Francisco Coastline - Baker Beach

The Northern California coastline along the city of San Francisco offers up amazing natural landscapes and views. The peninsula on which San Francisco is located has a wide variety of activities to supplement your kitesurfing and surfing activities. World-class restaurants, museums, universities, tech companies, and architecture are some examples of ways to indulge. If you are planning a trip to the city, contact us and we can help you with suggestions on how to experience this great city. View our page about San Francisco activities to get some ideas in the meantime.

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