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Welcome to SF Kitesurf! Thanks for checking us out. 😊 We are your destination for everything kitesurfing in San Francisco, California. Get access to the 5-star locations in San Francisco where you can learn to kitesurf, improve your riding skills, do downwinders, and more. Having kited across many of the best spots in the United States, we are proud to call San Fran (as non-locals call it) home, and plan on showcasing why San Francisco is the #1 location in the world for kitesurfing, and more! Please check back regularly for new kitesurfing articles in the Bay Area and NorCal. Keep scrolling to view our educational content about the local SF weather, wind and wave conditions, events, and kitesurfing tutorials. We look forward to seeing you on Ocean Beach.

Learn Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing in San Francisco, CA


So you're interested to learn how to kitesurf. Well, you've come to the right place! 😎 We'll begin by explaining that learning to kitesurf is not difficult. It just takes some time and practice. A common misconception is that it takes a great amount of strength. This is simply not true. We've taught students of all shapes, sizes, and ages how to kitesurf. Luckily, if you are reading this that means you are interested in learning to kitesurf in San Francisco, where we have some great learning conditions. Year-round wind, wide-open beaches, and lots of locations to choose from. At SF Kitesurf we are dedicated to teaching our students in a safe and fun manner, and we're excited to start this journey with you.

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We'll help you (or your loved one) advance your kitesurfing skills from beginner through advanced. Emphasizing safety, fun, and control.

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Beginner Through Advanced Kitesurfing Lessons

We offer a variety of kitesurfing lessons in San Francisco in terms of length, skill level, and format. From one-on-one private lessons that allow for tailored approach and attention, to group lessons focused learning from others, SF Kitesurf can accommodate your learning needs. We've got you covered if you're an individual looking to try kitesurfing for the first time, or a family, or a corporate-outing. SF Kitesurf provides all of the equipment. Our certified instructors will bring you through the basics, and get you advancing no time. You can read more about and book your kitesurfing lessons directly on the website. We look forward to working with you!

Teaching and Learning How to Fly Kitesurfing Kites


In our opinion, San Francisco, California is the best city in the world for kitesurfing. 😂 Let us explain. We have spent much time kitesurfing along the East Coast (Florida Keys to Cape Hatteras, OBX), South Coast (Along Padre Island, Corpus Christi and South Padre Island), North Coast (Great Lakes and many of Minnesota's 10,000 lakes), and West Coast (Baja to Oregon). And yet, northern California's city of San Francisco outshines them all for numerous of reasons.

"The city of San Francisco is world-class when it comes to food, culture, and technology."

First, the wind and waves on the oceanside are 5-stars when it comes to advanced kitesurfing. Head-high to double-overhead waves at 18-second intervals happens regularly. Second, San Francisco is world-class when it comes to food, culture, and technology. Where else can you regularly kitesurf all day along wide-open beaches, and in the evening head into a world-class international city full of vibrant activities, food, and people? Third (there is more, but we'll pause here), year-round weather conditions on the peninsula are hard to beat. San Francisco is very consistently sunny, windy, with moderate temperature during any month.

Beautiful Views of the City of San Francisco


The weather in San Francisco is ideal for year-round kitesurfing. The temperatures never go below freezing. There is ample sun during any month of the year. And most importantly the wind blows strong and steady off the Pacific Ocean. Since San Francisco is a peninsula, its weather patterns differ from inland pretty significantly. San Francisco avoids large swings in temperature seasonally and stays moderate year round. We like to generalize it as 55 - 65° in the shade, and 65 - 75° in the sun, no matter what month or day. The water temperature is also very consistent at ~55° on any given day. Now that temperature may seem a little chilly, but we have recommendations on wetsuits that make it feel as warm as the Caribbean. It's a small price to pay for consistent large surf, swell, and wave periods along with steady ocean breezes.

Example Daily Wind Graph for San Francisco, CA

Wind, Waves & Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is a 3.5 mile long beach that runs the entire west side of the city of San Francisco. This is where the magic happens for kitesurfing in San Francisco. The beach is more than 100 meters wide for the entire stretch as seen on the live Ocean Beach cam. Additionally, there are very few people or obstacles along the sandy beaches. Space is ample for rigging your gear, riding, and resting. The wind blows consistently from the south, north, and variations in between (onshore). The waves are regularly head-high to double overhead, at intervals of 15+ seconds. Depending on the wave height, they break on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and/or 4th sand bars. Ocean Beach is a true kitesurfing playground (for advanced kiters), and we cherish the opportunity to show it to more people.

Kitesurfing at Sunset in San Fran Bay Area Coastline


Welcome to the San Francisco Kitesurfing shop. We will help you find the right type of gear for riding in our conditions. A few essentials we can provide recommendations on include: wetsuits, kitesurfing kites, trainer kites, bars & lines, safety gear, surfboards and other boards (skimboards, twin-tips, etc.), warm dry clothes, and more. Someone once said there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes. We plan to share our knowledge of what works best for gear for kitesurfing in San Francisco. Check back often for updated equipment offers and reviews.

Learn Kitesurf Tips and Tricks in San Francisco


We have compiled a variety of kitesurfing tips and tricks in San Francisco, CA. Our goal is to promote education and information for all levels of riders, from beginning to advanced. Kitesurfing in SF has so much to offer, and we are happy to share our perspective on what are good restuarants, beaches, travel tips, and more. Let us know what you think, or if you'd like to add your own tips and tricks to our pages.

Introduction to Kite Surfing in San Francisco Bay


Kitesurfing - as a sport - goes by many names. You may hear it referred to as it's synonymous names such as: kiteboarding, kiting, kite surfing, kite boarding, etc. For simplicity sake, and international adoption, we (at SF Kitesurf) choose to call it kitesurfing. Plus, we love riding in the ocean surf, and while it's not necessary, it is more fun! Looking for who teaches kitesurfing in San Fran? Check us out.

"We love riding in the ocean surf, and while it's not necessary, it is more fun!"

While the kite is the engine (a powerful one at that), which leverages the wind for energy, you can choose to ride a variety of "vehicles". Common vehicles that enthusiasts ride include surfboards, wakeboards, skimboards, foilboards, kite buggies or skateboards (land only), and skis or snowboards (winter versions). All of which are fantastic choices, and we are happy to have more conversations about them all, especially surfboards and skimboards. Lastly, your fellow onlookers of the sport may refer to what they are witnessing incorrectly as parasailing, windsurfing, paragliding, parachute "thing", and many more unique, but wrong variations. We are here to help you and others learn more about the sport of kitesurfing. We are excited you have visited our website and we look forward to getting to know you better.

Best Place to Kitesurf in California - San Francisco


Interested in learning more about kitesurfing and kiteboarding in San Francisco? 😍 Contact SF Kitesurf today to start a conversation. We are excited you are looking into kite surfing in San Francisco, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors! We look forward to being your guide along the way.

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